The house builder has seen a rise in buyers opting to buy their new homes off-plan in the Black Country.

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  • House builder Barratt Homes offers its top five tips for buying property off-plan.

    1. Get in early
    In many cases it is true to say that 'the early bird catches the worm'. An off-plan purchase ensures that that you get the first pick of the plots and can choose the house that is right for you.

    2. Personalise your home
    One of the major advantages of buying off-plan is that you'll often be given the opportunity to choose your own fixtures, fittings and finishes before you move in. These can include kitchen worktops and units, flooring and bathroom fittings. Buyers are able to really personalise the home to suit their tastes and requirements rather than somebody else's.

    3. Maintenance free
    New build homes are built to a very high standard with up-to-date building techniques and safety measures, something that cannot always be guaranteed with older re-sale properties. Barratt homes, of course, all come with a full 10 year National House Building Council (NHBC) warranty and an added five year warranty from Barratt on fixtures and fittings so buyers need not worry about any unexpected maintenance or DIY.

    4. You can buy time
    Whoever said you can't buy time? If you buy a property off-plan then once the reservation fee has been put down, you have bought yourself enough time to arrange the mortgage, book the removals, inform people of your new address and get the household ready to move, safe in knowledge you've already secured your desired home.

    5. Watch it grow
    By purchasing a home off-plan you will experience the joy of seeing your home being built from scratch, with none of the stress of actually building your own home.

    Graydon Worthing, sales director for Barratt's West Midlands division, concludes: "We have a great range of developments in the Black Country with an equally great variety of homes available. So why not visit us and have a chat with our helpful and knowledgeable sales advisers who can tell you all about the perks of buying off-plan."

    The Bridles offers three bedroom houses priced from £164,950 and four bedroom houses priced from £189,950. 

    Dukes Park offers a selection of three bedroom houses priced from £161,950, four bedroom houses priced from £189,950 and six bedroom houses priced from £229,950. 

    Horizon offers one bedroom apartments priced at £89,950 and two bedroom apartments priced from £96,950. 

    The Lyng offers a single two bedroom apartment priced at £126,950 and three bedroom houses priced from £154,950. 

    The Pavilions offers a range of two bedroom apartments priced from £124,950, three bedroom houses priced from £220,000 and four bedroom houses priced from £274,950.

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