Buyers at the house builder's Meriden Gate development are being offered extras and upgrades to make their house a home in Warwickshire.

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  • David Wilson Homes discovered that people buying new homes spend up to £20,000 on additional extras and upgrades before moving in.

    The house builder is offering a bespoke service called Expressions at its Meriden Gate development in Meriden near Coventry in Warwickshire, allowing buyers to add extras to their property and upgrade standard fixtures and fittings before moving in.

    With the average spend between £15,000 and £20,000, it seems property investors at Meriden Gate are enjoying the special treatment, splashing out to make their new home just the way they want it.

    Carole Ashworth, sales manager for David Wilson Homes, said it is great to see buyers spending money to make their new homes the way they want them.

    "Using Expressions also means that buyers can select the upgrades and then sit back while we get it all ready for them before they move in," she added.

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