SmartNewHomes, an online game allowing new home buyers to play the role of goalkeeper in a shootout, enjoyed unprecedented success, with over 18 million plays.

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  • The application was launched across social networks and online gaming websites, as well as being accessible on the SmartNewHomes homepage.

    In the first two weeks following the launch of, overall traffic to SmartNewHomes increased by 19 per cent on the previous fortnight. The game brought in more than 20 per cent of all visitors to SmartNewHomes during this period, directed from outlets including the application's Facebook page.

    SmartNewHomes also recorded the highest number of visitors seen so far this year, the day after England's disastrous World Cup exit, with online traffic to Britain's leading new homes website leaping 63 per cent in one day.

    Steve Lees, director at SmartNewHomes, said: "We are delighted with the success of this football promotion. It was launched to offer some light relief to new home searchers, while helping to boost traffic to the site during the inevitably slow World Cup summer.

    "It highlights the power of seasonality and consumer sentiment in online marketing and (slightly) softens the blow of England's disastrous campaign."

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