The house builder's range of incentives makes it easy for buyers to find their dream home at developments in Essex, east London, Hertfordshire and Kent.

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  • Taylor Wimpey's Get a Move On initiative offers a range of schemes that provide financial and practical help for buyers in all circumstances looking for new homes in east London, Essex, Hertfordshire and Kent.

    For first time buyers, the house builder offers assistance with deposits under the Deposit Match and Gifted Deposit schemes, along with Easy Start shared equity and the Family and Friends Advantage investment incentives at selected developments.

    Those with a property to sell, meanwhile, can receive help to find a purchaser for their existing home or let Taylor Wimpey be their cash buyer under a part exchange scheme.

    What's more, each buyer who books an appointment with a sales executive at any Taylor Wimpey development will be entered into a free prize draw to win an iPad 2. 

    Michael O'Leary, regional sales and marketing director for Taylor Wimpey, said: "We aim to help buyers every step of the way and the range of schemes we have available offer financial help that can make owning a dream home a reality.

    "Moving house, whether it's for the first time or the fourth time, is a major event in anyone's life but it needn't be stressful, and we've put together the following tips to make sure the big move is as enjoyable as possible."

    Taylor Wimpey has also come up with some top tips to ensure that the all important move goes as smoothly as possible:

    • Make a plan. Good preparation is the key to success. Make a list of everything that needs to be done well in advance, including organising removals, informing the utility companies that you are moving, having mail redirected and compiling a list of all the organisations that will need to know about your change of address.
    • Declutter your home. So many people waste their time and energy packing and unpacking things that they never use. Moving house is the ideal time for a big spring clean so be ruthless - go through everything as you pack and if you haven't used in it during the last year then throw it out, sell it or donate it to charity.
    • Get rid of the kids. And pets. Getting your children and animals out from under your feet will help keep moving day as productive and as stress-free as possible, so arrange for a babysitter or a petsitter to do the honours.
    • Label everything clearly. Ensure that all boxes and items of furniture are clearly labelled so that everything is put in the right room in your new house. Colour coding is an effective and easy way of doing this. If possible, have a floor plan of your new home available to help the removals team.
    • Keep the linen handy. Strip the linen from the beds early in the day and keep it somewhere that's easy to get to in preparation for your first night in the new house. It's also a good idea to pack the kettle, tea bags, toiletries, and anything else you might need to get your hands on quickly, in a separate box.
    • Make it your own. If you're moving into a second hand property, think about getting the property professionally cleaned before you move in. Also ensure that everything that was agreed within the sale has been left by the previous owners. You might also want to consider changing the locks as you never know who might have been given a key in the past.
    • Eat. On moving day, eat healthy food regularly. Start with breakfast and take time out for lunch. Also avoid drinking too much coffee. In the long run, too much caffeine may cause tension, anxiety and cloud your thinking - so drink plenty of water or fruit juice instead. Try and get plenty of sleep in the run up to the big move, too.
    • Have some fun. Reward yourself at the end of moving day by doing something you enjoy. Go out for a drink or meal, watch a movie or have a long relaxing bath. Don't stay up all night unpacking. Treat yourself, and you'll be ready to start again fresh-faced the following day.

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