A stress-free move is on offer from the house builder at its Billingham development The Fairways, where purchasers can take advantage of Part Exchange.

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  • Putting your house through the audition process every time a prospective buyer wants to take a look around can be exhausting. If you don't think you can take any more rejection, then you need to join the growing list of happy customers who have successfully bought a new home through Part Exchange.

    The scheme involves Taylor Wimpey buying the purchaser's current house from them, removing all the pressure involved with selling their house and leaving them free to move into their new home.

    Bev Russell, Taylor Wimpey sales manager for The Fairways, said: "The most stressful aspect of buying a new home is selling your current property. With Part Exchange, you don't have to worry about selling your house because we will buy it from you.

    "Part Exchange is available on all homes currently available at The Fairways, which are large four bedroom townhouse and detached properties. If this appeals to you, then come down to our sales centre on Greenwood Avenue and we'll find a deal that suits your individual circumstances."

    Currently available at The Fairways in Billingham are the Arlington townhouse and Denver and Edison detached properties. Prices start at £149,950.

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