Property investors recently enjoyed Barratt Homes' buy to let investment evening at Gloucester Rugby Club, where the developer showcased a number of opportunities in the county.

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  • The event provided current and potential investors with the opportunity to see Barratt Homes current range of show homes available for the investment market.

    The show homes are available using Barratt's show home leaseback deal which comes with a guaranteed yield of 7 per cent.

    "Buyers have the opportunity to buy the show home at selected developments in the region and then immediately lease it back to us to use as a marketing suite,'' said sales director Andrea Pilgrim.

    "Rather than have to worry about untidy tenants, the investor knows that we will maintain the property in pristine condition. Barratt is also the only major house builder which guarantees internal fixtures and fittings."

    Rents in Gloucester are rising rapidly which means that rental homes are increasingly in demand. Whereas investors were primarily interested in flats before 2007, today they are looking for high quality new houses.

    "They take the view that the direction of house prices in the medium term is up," added Pilgrim. "So they expect to be sitting on a tidy profit in three to five years' time."

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