More than 11,000 new build properties were completed in February.

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  • The number of new homes being built across Britain soared by 25 per cent during February, figures showed today.

    A total of 11,734 new build properties were registered with warranty and insurance provider the National House Building Council during the month, up from 9,390 in February 2014.

    The figure was made up of 9,209 properties in the private sector and 2,525 homes in the public sector.

    There was also a strong increase in the number of new properties being built on a quarterly basis, with 36,505 new homes registered during the three months to the end of February, 23 per cent more than for the same period a year earlier.

    Within the total there was a marked increase in properties in the private sector that were completed, with registrations surging by 32 per cent to 28,139.

    By contrast, completions in the public sector were much more subdued, rising by only 1 per cent to 8,366.

    But despite the overall pick up in building levels, the number of completions still falls well short of the estimated 200,000 new homes that need to be built every year in order to keep pace with demand.

    Mike Quinton, chief executive of the NHBC, said: “We are very pleased that the growth we saw throughout last year has continued into 2015, with our latest figures clearly showing that registrations are up on 2014 levels for the last three months, which is great news for the industry.

    “However, we have been clear that we are building way below the level of homes that our country so desperately needs, therefore it is important that we keep up this momentum.”

    The number of new homes built was highest in Greater London during the three months to the end of February, with 6,930 properties registered, 19 per cent more than in the same period of 2014.

    It was followed by the south east with 5,651 registrations, a 25 per cent jump, while the north west, West Midlands, south west and east all saw more than 3,000 new homes completed.

    At the other end of the scale, building levels were lowest in Northern Ireland, where only 720 new properties were registered during the three months, followed by the north east at 1,044 and Wales at 1,110.

    Yorkshire & the Humber saw the biggest increase in the number of homes that were completed, with registrations soaring by 83 per cent, while registrations were also 70 per cent higher in Wales than they had been a year earlier.

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